Couple Spends Over $30,000 to Have Hardcore Threesomes With Sex Dolls

Before Dave Hockey met Shawna Bigelow, he thought the only love he could find was in the cold, perfect embrace of a lifelike sex doll. He had tried dating websites and found that women just weren't into his passion. But Bigelow was different. When Hockey took her down to his basement to show her the dolls, she was… » 9/30/14 10:30pm Yesterday 10:30pm

USA, USA: This Pizza Cake Will Give You a Heart Attack and Diabetes

Welcome to America, land of dreams and opportunity and the only place where someone decided that it would be a good idea to make a cake out of pizza. Because just regular pizza isn't enough. It's broken. You need to fix it so that each bite threatens to give you a stroke. Because what good is dinner if it's not… » 9/30/14 9:30pm Yesterday 9:30pm

Adorable Cat Has Accomplished Everything Your Mom Wishes You Had

You know how we all went to high school and/or college and maybe even grad school? What a bunch of fucking idiots. We will never be as special as these Acro-Cats. Never ever. I have an advanced degree and all I can think is that I will never break a world record or do acrocatics like these genius felines. Let's all… » 9/30/14 9:00pm Yesterday 9:00pm

Man With Persistent Orgasms Had Nine Orgasms at His Father's Funeral

Last week, the world was introduced to Dale Decker, a Wisconsin man who had lost everything due to a debilitating injury that has left him at the mercy of his sexual organs. Now, the man who can't stop climaxing has spoken out, saying that "it hurts, but it feels good at the same time." » 9/29/14 7:15pm Monday 7:15pm

102-Year-Old American Hero Just Wants to Eat White Castle on Her B-Day

Forget everything they told you in health class: It is, in fact, possible to survive past 100 and eat White Castle regularly. And Madeleine Turpan of Long Island is here to prove it. She just celebrated her 102nd birthday at the fast food restaurant and she couldn't be healthier or happier. And she's a former… » 9/29/14 4:50pm Monday 4:50pm

This Swimsuit Will Sear Your Eyes Off With the Heat of 1,000 Dying Suns

Here are all the relevant tags before you move forward: WTF, NSFW, NSFL, NSFYE, get the picture. Or you're about to, because Bobby Norris of The Only Way Is Essex is about to introduce you to the tiniest swimsuit in the world. Yes, even tinier than this one. (Also NSFL.) » 9/25/14 10:30pm Thursday 10:30pm

Watch Ellen Scare Eric Stonestreet So Badly He Vows Never to Return

I have always held a suspicion that Ellen Degeneres is actually kind of evil. Like squeeing hamsters evil. She wouldn't actually kill them, but she'd squeeze them until they were uncomfortable. That's why it's not surprising that Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet has decided to boycott her forever. » 9/25/14 7:15pm Thursday 7:15pm

Adorable Toddlers Adorably Argue About Weather: 'You Poked My heart!'

Welcome to toddler divorce court, where hearts are broken due to arguments about whether it's raining or sprinkling and the judge is a confused three-year-old who has no idea what's going on or why someone is screaming "You're not real and you huwt me!" Oh those tender, tender feelings. » 9/25/14 6:40pm Thursday 6:40pm